Who are we?

We are a team of friends from different backgrounds and countries that have the passion to Document the various stories we encounter. Our name “No Borders TV” signifies that as a whole we aren’t aligned to our country of origin or residence and instead consider our selves citizens of the world. It’s our aim to be an honest source of information, and we feel that a “media channel” should not conform to the usual propaganda.

We are photographers, video makers, poets, storytellers and most of all, adventurers.

We are a non-mainstream and non-profit organization. With the little money we put aside we pay for our equipment or travel expenses for our various projects.

SKK, Untitled, MOS & Ameson

Party in Marocco.

Living on the road: Pako

July 15, 2019

Living on the Road: Matthieu

July 6, 2018

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Our project is to create a worldwide team of people whose objective is to spread their knowledge worldwide. If you are interested in any way to help us out get in touch.

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