No Borders TV


Are you also tired of a nationalistic mainstream media giving their objective views on what’s going on in the world?

Then listen up!


Who are we?


We are a team of friends from different backgrounds and countries that have the passion to Document the various stories we encounter. Our name “No Borders TV” signifies that as a whole we aren’t aligned to our country of origin or residence and instead consider our selves citizens of the world. It’s our aim to be an honest source of information, and we feel that a “media channel” should not conform to the usual propaganda.

We are photographers, video makers, poets, storytellers and most of all, adventurers.

We are a non-mainstream and non-profit organization. With the little money we put aside we pay for our equipment or travel expenses for our various projects.


What now?

Now it’s time for us to grow up to become a team that continually uploads videos, photos, articles and much more.

Our goal is simple, to become a reliable source of information.

In the long term we hope to have collaborators worldwide contributing to a vast and varied collection of projects.


Our project


The themes for our projects have been varied and almost always inspired by underground culture. We have made films about communes, social and political issues, protests and free parties together with artistic films.


We need help!


We have done very little at the moment but we aim to make as much material possible.

In the meantime you can help us in various ways.


What we need:


Stories of interest


Some of us are going to start travelling and will document the various stories and events on our journeys.

But sometimes finding them is not easy.

That’s why we are asking everyone possible to share their experiences. If we are nearby while travelling we will be more than glad to listen, document, and record your information and locations of interest.

If you are able to contact us with an interesting documentary or report we will consider meeting up wherever you are.

We will edit all material to a high standard and represent your story in the way that you see fit.

Your privacy and freedom to decide if some issues should or shouldn’t be exposed are very important to us.




While editing or travelling, documenting material for a good project is never enough.

We will be frequently posting our ongoing work on various social media.

If you or anyone you know has videos that can be useful to our projects please let us know.

As we already said we are a non-profit organization and do not have funds at the moment to pay for videos. However, if you do want to pass material on to us we will definitely include your name or however you like to be identified as.




Our project is to create a worldwide team of people whose objective is to spread their knowledge worldwide. If you are interested in any way to help us out get in touch.


Artists, photographers, reporters and storytellers are welcome to present their work, by sending art-work, articles, blogs or photographs and we will post them on our social media.

In the future we are also going to open our own blog where you can spread your information.


Video makers are mostly needed. If you want to make a report project or if you already have something of interest that you would like to share, get in touch.


We should consider ourselves lucky that in this day and age we are able to share and spread information so quickly and globally. Let’s use this to our advantage!


Information is key.


Join the Media Revolution.

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