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Camper-van Traveling tips + 10 FAQ

April 7, 2017

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Spreepark, Berlin (EN)

August 7, 2017

Behind the fences of the Treptower Park in Berlin lays an old abandoned attraction park called SpreePark. It had been closed in 2002 and since then it has been falling into pieces.You can easily enter through a hole in the fence and once there you are in another world. Where kids used to scream for ice creams and happily run around, now only the sound of the ferris wheel can be heard as it turns while driven by the wind, making a ghostly beeping sound that is appropriate for the situation. For us the whole site seemed quiet and empty



At least, we thought.. After walking around for a while we suddenly heard some people talking. We hid quickly behind some bushes, but fortunately it turned out they where just tourist, Danish people. They told us that the owner of the amusement park once was a coke dealer and that he used this park for legally declaring the money he made and to keep his drugs hidden safely. The good old man gave away his park very generously to his son after it got to hot for him and decided to take the first plane to South America. Meanwhile the police went on with the investigation and after searching the park they discovered several kilo’s of cocaine in rollercoasters and other spots in the location. The son got caught and had to spend various years in prison.

Wether this story was true or not, it made the visit definitely more exciting. Who knows what can be found around there. Sadly for us no packages were found but we were able to make some nice pictures.


Note: After some research the story of the owner dealing with cocaine wasn’t that far from the truth. The real story tells that the owner had some pretty bad debts of around 11.000.000 euro and because of that, he went off with his family and his best employers to Lima, Peru. They took 6 attractions with them in 20 containers with the plan to open a new amusement park named LunaPark in Lima. The plan failed and in 2004 the owner got convicted for the smuggling of 180Kg of cocaine in the mast of the schip, the ‘flying carpet’. In October 2006 his son also got convicted with 20 years of prison for drug smuggling.

Year of visiting: 2013
Adress: Spreepark, Treptower Park, Berlin





















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