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Camper-van Traveling tips + 10 FAQ

April 7, 2017

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BikeWars “Eetcafe”

November 15, 2017

Bikewars is a fantastic community in the middle of the Netherlands, the people here often organize very diverse events. On Wednesdays they organise a “Eetcafe”, let me explain the principle of this.

 Everyone needs to eat, it’s a necessity of life, so that’s why the cooks of Bikewars prepare dinner every Wednesday for everyone who wants to enjoy a tasty evening meal.

The food is on donation, so that people with low budget can also join. The meal is always vegan so no one gets left out! With this said you can assume this is an evening open to all, they don’t want to exclude anyone. I myself feel that having dinner is not only to consume food that our bodies need, it’s also a kind of social affair.


The first time I went to Bikewars for dinner at a random Wednesday I was alone. I sat at the bar and ordered a beer, and before I knew it I was talking with different kinds of interesting people while the union soup was getting prepared to be served.

While I was talking about life and spirituality with a new friend I made, I saw the cook holding a huge pan with an even bigger spatula behind the bar. We where getting endive stew, my favorite!! After this evening I knew I wanted to tell people about this place, and I went back at another Wednesday with a friend. This edition of “Eetcafe” was dedicated to the ADM in Amsterdam, all donations where going for their cause. This is a noble thing. I discovered that they do a lot of different things with the money that they collect at these eat-ins. They support different random charities, or they use it to support there own community as they contribute in different ways to the culture and underground movement.

This very evening I saw some of the people I met last time, and some different faces. It’s a great way to get in touch with new people, and maybe old friends and, of course, have a fantastic evening meal (The plates are huge! ). Also I’ve been told that every other Wednesday they have a performances from artists and bands, that must be great! So don’t hesitate to come over to Bikewars for a great experience! You won’t be disappointed.









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