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April 7, 2017

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Meet the artist: Tamal Krachur

December 10, 2017


Near Marseille lives 40 year old Guillaume. He makes stunning art using all sorts of disciplines and techniques.Wood, metal, spray paint, animal bones and horns, he uses all and all the material he uses are all recycled.

Ever since he was young he knew he wanted to do something with art.
Inspired by his father, who was also an artist, he started to get creative.
One of his oldest memories is when he was 8 years old he copied the disney characters from the mustard cups, it turned out he was pretty good and at that moment he decided that he wanted to do more with his creativity.


He started evolving his skills and his father was more than happy to teach him various techniques such as working with wood, metal, painting etc. When he was a bit older he went to a school for leather carving, this is a skill that he still uses nowadays, but now combined with other materials.

“when i go in the forest to search for mushrooms, I come back with none, instead I come back with many pieces of woods, stones and horns”

He tries to use natural materials as much as possible. He collects them from the street or by going in the forest, but also a lot of people donate things for him to use. He then transforms all of these into jewelry or uses it as stencils for his paintings. Also the canvases for the paintings are always made with old material. He tries to never buy anything and this works pretty well.

The tools he uses are nothing more than paint, a dremel, a Stanley knife, polishing tools, glue and abrasive paper.
So simple but at the same time he manages tocreate something good out of nothing.

A few times a year he makes an exposition, mostly in the area of Marseille.

But probably this winter you can see him at the Christmas market in Avignon. When this is confirmes, we will announce this on the No Borders TV Facebook page.


If you’re interested in buying some art of Tamal, you’re free to contact him. He can send you all the things by post.
Paintings with secured post and the jewelry with regular post.
Note: November is a very busy month, but after he has all the time for your requests. You can buy the paintings, jewelry and knives that you see on this page. But it’s also possible to ask for something made personally for you, even collars for your dog.

Telephone number of Tamal: 0033627946807

Email address of Tamal: krachurtamal@gmail.com


1. Pendant from the horn of a cow from India, 20 euro

2. Horn of a ram, 25 euro
3. Wood from an olive tree and buis tree, 15 euro
4. Wood from an olive tree, 15 euro
5. Horn of a deer, 15 euro
6. Horn of a old deer combined with mediterranean coral, 40 euro
7. Horn of a ram, 35 euro
8. Horn of a deer combined with wood from a olive tree, 20 euro
9. Wood from an old olive tree from more than 100 years old, 15 euro
10. Horn from a cow combined with Raisin from a pine tree
11. Horn from a deer, 20 euro
12. Wood from an olive tree, 30 euro
13. Horn from a deer combined with turquoise stone, 25 euro
14. Wood from an olive tree combined with coral, 20 euro
15. White coral, 15 euro




















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