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April 7, 2017

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Interview with ED VEG

February 22, 2018


   As far as I can remember i’ve always played music, as a kid I used to sing while hitting my mum’s broken guitar with toys! When I was a teenager I sold my Moped to buy a bass guitar and I immediately started playing in several bands; punk, pop, noisy, experimental…


  I started with electronic music in 1997 with «USS Vumetre» a duo based in Bordeaux with DJ Peter Stone. We played experimental ambient music with only analog machines and an analog sequencer. We were playing in chill-outs of free-parties and at the same time I was becoming a devoted raver !


In 1998 I met Dexima in Bordeaux and we created a duo «Ed et Ludic». We were daily working on our liveset and were always playing a different one twice a month. Mostly in the south west of france and in teknivals from 1998 to 2001.

   I chose a nomadic way of life in 2000 and started to play live alone (Techno,Breakbeat or Drum & Bass) wherever I could, in free-parties and Teknivals all over Europe more or less for several years.

In 2007 I was based in Orgiva, Andalucia, home of the Dragon-Festival and I met

Sound of Bastard who was playing live Drum and Bass just like me.

We’ve been playing live at Spanish and Portuguese parties, mixing our livesets together for two years.


  In 2011-2012 I moved to the Purple Factory, the atmosphere and the people who live there (trackerz) helped and influenced me a lot!! Around this moment I stopped playing live because I discovered the synchro technology to make DJ sets.

A dream came true as I have never been able to play with decks and square two records together correctly! 3 Years ago I came back to liveset and production, I use Ableton (VST:razor,predator,massive and spark) and cheap controllers at the moment.





It’s hard for me to describe the music I make with a classic style name.

I would describe it as « underground dance music » !
It's quite easy to hear what my musical influences are through the samples I use,

from punk to hip-hop, also some commercial music of my youth, all styles of rave-music and of course the «  23 » music and spirit  !




               HOW I CREATE/SAMPLES/ 

More & more I try to conceptualize the music first and then write it on Ableton with more or less success...
As a raver, when I dance, I love when the music tells me how weird, bizarre and sometimes scary our world is, but that we have to go on and stay dynamic and positive and that I’m not alone… All of this in a groovy and funky way. So I try to express the same thing through my music!
I love to use a well known vocal and surround it with basslines and melodies that are completely different from the original instrumental.
To finally check it I listen to it very loud and imagine the effect on the dancefloor with the sound being played over a big fat rig !



  No System was created in 1999 by Fred and Karole.
 It was not a crew at the beginning, but a propaganda for a life-style against the system. This we spread by screen-prints on clothes and stickers.

  It became an active collective of travellers during the Dragon-Festival of 2003, the first event was the epic after-party of the dragon of this year in a huge red canyon of the Sierra Nevada.

   Since then No System has organized lots of kids’ zones, parties and free festivals like the Champito mainly in France, Spain and Portugal. We collaborated with the Freekuency Festival since 2003 and created a circus-show company (Cie cirkulez) !



   I’ve had a lot of good, bad, magical, crazy or unbelievable experiences with the crew during travels, parties, everyday-life moments and watching the kids growing…
   The best souvenir linked to music I had when I was playing on the roof of Dédé’s bus at the end of the champito in Portugal in 2014. Such a great friendly atmosphere on this late afternoon dancefloor. Many kids danced all along this 3 hours set !!!




   I don’t have any problem to dance or play in legal parties or clubs as the important thing for me is to enjoy the music or to express myself wherever it’s possible !
   Of course I prefer « illegal parties » because all the time, space and atmospheric parameters needed for a good raving experience can only be gathered in their conditions. In the bubbles we create, we stop the world !!




A No System record with DJ Kyem and myself is about to be released on Hydrophonic records and a dream  is about to come true: Create a label!!

It will be called « Raver-Raver ».The objective is simply to produce (vinyl & digital) confirmed & new artists of the underground rave scene.
Hopefuly it should start in a few months !









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