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Lucas was born and raised in Anzio, Italy until he was 21 years old, he then studied and graduated at University of South Wales in Documentary film-making.

He is one of the nomadic film-makers of the group and will be travelling Europe and more from this summer on and will be frequently posting his whereabouts, if you or someone you know is close by to him at any point don't hesitate to contact him by email.


Nicky (1991), studied Graphic Design in Rotterdam, Holland and worked for several employees.

After some struggles with society and dreaming about an unbound and free life,she decided to leave the cold Holland behind her and chase the sun. 
With her van she crosses through Europe searching for extraordinairy experiences and
inspiration for a more meaningful way of life.

Armed with her camera, ready to shoot the adventure.

Do you have an interesting fact to tell? Then feel free to contact her.


Rachel-Jean (1995) studied International Media and Entertainment in Breda. Following this she shortly worked as a production assistant and impact producer at a documentary production company in The Netherlands. After which she decided to start her own video production company. Her biggest passions are video production and documentaries. Many of her company’s productions are focussed on durability, sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives. She also enjoyes humanitarian based themes. Always open to new projects and ideas, you are welcome to contact her for a new collaboration.


Luc Leijtens (1989) is a film director born in Amsterdam with a passion for documentary filmmaking. After his study at The Media College in Amsterdam he specializes in directing and camerawork. His main passion now is to film non-fiction personal portraits of people. After his study he started his own company Luciano Studio Productions and works for several organizations as a filmmaker.


Lynn de Haan (1989) was born in the town of Apeldoorn, but has lived in different places in Holland. She studied Spatial Design, but unfortunately never got the chance to work in that field. Because she has the urge to be creative and loves to document things that are just a bit different, she decided to follow a course at the Photography Academie in Amsterdam. She is interested in other ways of living than the average, in the distinct individuals of society. She loves to hear about others view of life and tell their story trough her camera. She’s an adventure seeker and her future plan is to travel all over the world, so don’t be shy to contact her if you have a story to tell!

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We will keep the maps regularly adjourned with the location of our team members, it is important to us you know where each of us are and who the closest to you is so you can get in contact and hopefully in a matter of short time meet up with who you desire.

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